Spring Baseball 2018

Posted Nov 24, 2015



Bats:  Little League has new bat requirements for the 2018 season please consult the Bat Information on the Little League webpage before purchasing a bat. 


2018 information-


  • $115   T-ball (U5)                                               
  • $160   AA (machine pitch)   (U8)                         
  • $200   Minors (U10)
  • $200   Majors (U12)                                     
  • $225   JR (U14)
  • Challenger  (Special needs age 5 and above)--Returning Challengers will not receive a new uniform unless outgrown or damaged (use Coupon Code C2018 to waive $50 fee).                  

Uniforms:  Uniform is included in the fee. Uniform Fitting will be done at  player evaluation--times and location will be updated soon. 

Family Discounts of $10 per player (same address) is available. 

Skills Evaluations:

Players signing up for Minors, Majors or U14  MUST have a skills evaluation even if returning to same team.  

Players League Age 8 and below signing up for T-ball, AA and Challenger do not require a skills evaluation.  

Player Placement and Special Requests:

See Player Placement  Levels of Play or Which Division tabs for guidance on selecting appropriate division for your player/s. 

Players returning to same divisions as 2017 will be placed on the same team and/or with same manager/coach (if returning) UNLESS parents request a change OR 

  • Their team moves up, and the player may not be eligible by age or skills evaluation to continue with their previous team--parents may request another team/manager and every attempt will be made to honor such request. 
  • The player moves up but their team/manager does not--the player enters the draft for their new division--parents may request another team/manager and every attempt will be made to honor such request. 

IF players can NOT practice on specific dates or need to be placed with another player/s for transportation reasons, please note these in special requests on the registration form.

Every attempt will be made to honor parent requests. 

Draft was held February 24, 2018 for Majors, Minors and U14.  Players have been placed on AA and T-Ball teams.

All players have been assigned to teams via Bonzi team and parents have received notificaiton of placement.

Other Dates and Information:

Practices will start the first week of March-you will be notified by the team manager of practice times and locations. 

Opening Day ceremonies are Saturday April 14.  Games may start the week of April 9. Closing Day is Saturday June 9.  There are no games scheduled over Memorial Day weekend.

There will be preseason Minors and Majors tournaments over the weekend of March 24 to 29. 

Post Season Play in Tournament of Champions and District is scheduled between June 16 and July 10.


See Scholarship Applications for information on scholarship availability. Scholarship forms are available in documents and forms. 


    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.