Player Evaluations 2018
Posted Feb 14, 2017

Machine pitch and T-ball players DO NOT have pre-season evaluations. 

All scheduled pre-season player evaluactions have been held. 

Players who did NOT have a pre-season evaluation are NOT eligible for post season tournaments. 



Why does my player need to attend the Player Evaluations?

There are several reasons why attending the Player Evaluations is a good idea for your player:


  • Player Evaluations allow coaches and Player Agents to evaluate the skill level of each player.  When teams are formed, these evaluations help to build more balanced teams which results in more competitive games at all levels.
  • Evaluations are also used to ensure that players are participating at the correct level of play for their abilities.  After attending the evaluations, our Player Agents and coaches can make recommendations to parents regarding the level of play that is appropriate for their child's skill level.
  • Historically, only players League Age 9 and older were eligible to participate in post-season play.  Starting in 2017, Little League International has made all players League Age 8 and older eligible for post-season tournament play.  No player can be selected to a post-season team if they did not attend a Player Evaluation event with their league.  Visit our All-Star and Post Season Play page for more information.  Information for 2018 post season will be loaded as it becomes available. 

My player is League Age 8 and I plan to sign him/her up for Machine Pitch baseball.  Do they still need to attend a Player Evaluation?

ONLY -IF you intend for your player to try out for post season play! IF you don't intend for them to play post season then NO they don't need a pre-season evaluation. By attending an evaluation your player is  be eligible to be selected for post-season play.  Also, it's possible that our coaches and Player Agents might suggest that your player make themselves available for the Minors draft if their skills are at an appropriate level. Otherwise, you may decide not to have your player participate in player evaluations.  However, if after practices begin your coach/s feel your player shoule be moved up to Minors, a player agent may help with that decision. 

What level should I sign my player up for?

Visit our Which Division page for a detailed breakdown of the divisions.  Some general guidelines to determine if you player is ready for Minors and above are:

  • Ability to hit a pitched ball with some consistency.
  • Ability to throw a baseball at least 60 feet without short hopping the ball.
  • Ability to safely block and field a hit or thrown ball.
  • Ability to catch a hit or thrown ball, retrieve it from the glove and throw with accuracy.
  • Ability to run bases.
  • Those wanting to pitch will throw some pitches to assess their form and ability/potential.