T-Ball (U6)
Posted Oct 12, 2014

Players League Age  normally 4-5 and age 6 who have no baseball experience.  Players League age 6 may be more comfortable playing in AA -Machine Pitch (U8).  

Cost $115.

Players League Age 4 MUST play T-ball.

Players may request placement with former teams/managers.

No Player Evaluations.   

  • Use Safety Baseballs.  
  • All players bat each inning and all play in the field. 
  • About 8 to 10 games in season.
  • Games are 4 innings or 75 minutes.  

Continous batting order and all players present play on defense.  Inning are based on all players having one at bat per inning. 

Usually practices are at our complex, but we do have access to practice fields at Griffin school and IF most or all of team is Griffin students, practices may be held at the school field.  

Games will be held at our complex.