Majors (U12)
Posted Oct 12, 2014

Players League Age  normally 10-12.  On occasion 9 year olds may be drafted to this division. 

Cost $200.  

Must participate in player evaluation even if returning to same team.

Recommended players have at least one year baseball experience.


Players league age 12 must play in Majors.  


  • Hardball.
  • 12-18 games per year.
  • 6 innings per game--2 hour limit or 10 runs after 4th inning
  • Can play doubleheader once a week.
  • Interleague play with some travel. 
  • Mid-Season and Season Ending Tournaments.
  • Eligible for Tournament of Champions and District Tournaments in late June and early July.

Rules require all players to play 6 consecutive defensive outs and have 1 at bat prior to substitution. Starters cannot be substituted until they have meant mandatory play requirement. Only starters can re-enter game after substitution.  There is not a continous batting order in this division. 

Practices are usually at our complex but some school fields may be available for practice and coaches may chose to use school field.