Posted Oct 12, 2014

Do you have programs for both boys and girls?

YES. Our baseball program is open to both boys and girls.  At the present time we do not offer softball programs. 




What division should my child play in this year?

Our divisions are based on age and skill. Player evaluations are required for players of any age requesting placement in Minors and above, even if they are returning to the same team. 

Some age groups are restricted by Little League International rules:

If we played last year, do we go back to same team/division?

It depends---

  • Any player who played Majors last year MUST return to same Majors team, UNLESS they request a team change. 
  • Returning players staying in same division as last year will be placed on same team UNLESS they request a change.
  • Returning players moving up to a new division AND manager/team also moving up will remain with same team.
  • Returning players moving up to a new division BUT manager/team is NOT moving up, will enter draft. 
  • Exception: Majors teams are limited to 8 players of league age 12; therefore, teams moving up to Majors can only bring 8 players. 

 What is JR (U13/U14) Division?

This division uses a  90 foot base paths and mound is 54 feet from home plate.  Majors and below play on 60 foot base paths and mound 46 feet from home plate.

Players must be league age 13 and 14. 

Therefore all players will be drafted to this division.  

What about Challenger Division?

Players registering for Challenger Division will be placed on team or teams based on number of signups in the division. Players age 5 and above are placed on teams.

Challenger players do not have to reside in our league boundaries IF there is no Challenger division in their league or district. 

What about bringing a team in from another baseball organization?

For the 2018 Season, Capitol Little League will allow an outside team to enter any of our divisions. However, only 8 players including those of the manager and assistant coaches may be placed on any one (1) Capitol Little League team.