Posted Oct 14, 2014

How can I help the league if I don’t have time to serve on board?

The league is always in need of volunteers to help with:

  • Field maintenance-mowing, maintaining pitching mounds, cleaning up grounds..
  • Umpiring—Capitol Little League needs volunteers to supplement the volunteers from the Northwest Officials Association who provide services to our league.  We are looking for individuals interested in participating in the Right Call Academy in exchange for working our games (link). 
  • Fundraisers—volunteers are needed to locate, evaluate and select additional fundraisers for the league. Several corporate opportunities exist, i.e. Chevy test drive; Applebee’s breakfast; McDonald’s take over.
  • Registration for Spring, Fall ball, clinics and events. 
  • Coordinating Opening and Closing Day events. 


Volunteers are also often needed as helpers at practices and games. These helpers may not have time to be consistently available for games and practices so not willing to committing to managing or coaching. 

ALL volunteers must complete a background check, those who are returning and who completed the 2017 form may use the returning vounteer form.