Posted Nov 26, 2014

Capitol Little League relies on volunteer umpires for player pitch division games.  

If you are interested in umpiring for Capitol Little League apply under the Coaches, Volunteers and Umpires tab on registration page.  You will need to pass a background check using your SSN (obtained offline).  

There is training available thru the Right Call Academy which starts Jan 23, 2018--it is a six week training program which takes place on Tues and Thurs evenings and Saturdays.  There are also a couple of one day training sessions available.

The league will exchange tuition to the Right Call Academy for umpire services during our Spring and Fall seasons. We also have some equipment which can be used by umpires. 

You may also contact our Umpire in Chief Jerry Schoonover at   if you have questions or want to volunteer to umpire in our league.

We use the Arbitor system to schedule umpires for games.  Once registered in Arbitor  you will be able to bid on games.