Capitol Little League serving Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater & Thurston County

Sibling/Prior Residency Form

A Sibling/Prior Residency form is can be used to establish residency requirements for a player who lives outside the boundaries of our league WHEN:

1.  The player doesn't  yet attend school but has a older sibling who currently plays in our league who is attending school in our boundaries.
2.  The player is home schooled but has another sibling who attends school in our boundaries.
3.  The player is home schooled but has another sibling who played in our league previously while enrolled in school in our boundaries.
4.  The player lived and played in our league but has moved during the off season outside our boundaries and is not attending school in our boundaries--they can continue in our league as long as they have not played in another league subsequent to the change of residency.  

The form can also be used in place of other residency requirements for registration in the league or for tournament play in post season.

Once sibling/prior residency form has been properly completed and approved by Western Regional it is good for as long as the player remains in the league. 

For post season play one additional proof of residency is needed each year showing the player's residence has not changed.  Such proof of residency needs to be dated AFTER FEB 1, 2022 and BEFORE FEB 1, 2023. 

Link to Sibling/Prior Residency form. 

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