Capitol Little League serving Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater & Thurston County

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Oct, 2019

Board meeting time change to 5 PM Oct 6 at Mills & Mills


Field Rebuild

We agreed to remove the grass from Field 4 and possibly Field 3 at last meeting.

I have asked Black Hills Excavating to give us materials estimate (per field) for soils as they recently rebuilt Capitol High softball field.

Great Western price on infield mix is between $25 and $28 per yard IF we haul.

Ewing sells one ton bag for $570 retail price for Truface soil conditioner—this is tan color and suitable to use on infield area. 

Ewing sells 50lb bag of red at retail of $23 per bag.

Commodities Unlimited will deliver sand for about $225 per 10 yard load.

We need to remove and haul away the sod from the infield/s. A sod cutter is best option for this step.

Sprinklers are located behind the mound and by dugouts on each field and there may be one behind the plate as well.

Dugout repair

Reed Wilder has approval for his Eagle project to repair the dugouts on fields 6, 5 and 3.

We advised him the league would cover supplies.  His job is to get the labor and supervise the project.

He indicated the framing is ok in most places and only a few studs need replacing.

This is his materials list:

- 51 Sheets of 4x8 siding (If needed, we can re-evaluate to see if any sheets are re-usable)
- 3 8-foot 2x4 studs for framing
- 1 8-foot 2x4 pressure treated for a sill-plate (Field 3, 3rd base side)
- 2 frame L brackets (Field 5, 1st base side)
- Paint (we have paint)
- Nails (we have some but not sure right kind).

I have asked James Stacy, RL and Chris Chamberlain to review products to determine best options for the siding.  I plan to approach Home Depot, Bayveiw Lumber and Lincoln Creek Lumber to see if we can get either wholesale or contractor price for siding.


Board Elections

Elect members to board and then board elects officers.


Any other business needing approval or outstanding bills?

DRAFT Key Dates for discussion and approval:


Oct ??—Work party, North Sky take down nets, Field rebuild, Dugout repair

Nov 17-Board Meeting

Dec 1 -Online 2020 Spring registration opens

Dec 2—Charter for 2020 (insurance purposes)

Dec 15- Board Meeting


Jan 12-Board Meeting

Jan 1-31—Meet with Port regarding lease

Feb 3—File 990 for league for FY 2019

Feb 9- Board Meeting

Feb 15-Close online registration

Feb 15—Coaches clinic—Minor and above

Feb 22—Player evaluations and Uniform fitting at Peter G Schmidt

Feb 27—Makeup evaluation at Peter G Schmidt 6 PM

Feb 29—Rules review and Draft for Minor, Major, Intermediate, JR

Mar 1-- Coaches clinic & placement meeting for T-ball and AA

Mar 7- Practices start

Mar 7—Pitcher and catcher clinics

Mar 15-Board Meeting

Mar 16—Order uniforms

Apr 6-11—Spring Break all school Districts

Apr 13—First games

April 18—Opening Day Ceremonies

April 19—Board Meeting

May 1—Fall Ball registration opens online

May 17-Board Meeting

May 22-26 Memorial Day break

May 27—Makeup and/or Season Ending tournament starts

May 31-Tryouts for All Star teams

June 6- closing day

June 7-Board Meeting

June 7 to July 10 All star team practices

June 9—Special Olympics use fields Tue and Thur until Aug 13

June 13 to July 10 All star tournaments (estimated).

July 1- Close registration for Fall ball T-ball and AA

July 11-practices start for Fall T-ball and AA

July 18- games start for Fall T-Ball and AA

July 18- Close registration for Fall Minors and above

July 25- Practices start for Minors and above

Aug 10-Games start for Minors and above

Aug 29- Last games for T-ball and AA

Sept 3-9-- Labor day break

Sept 26 --Last games for Minors and Above

Sept 27—Work party to put fields to bed

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