Capitol Little League serving Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater & Thurston County


The Post Season Schedule is listed below the selection and eligibility information noted here.

2021 Selection:
We have asked kid pitch team managers to nominate players for  consideration for 2021 post season teams. 

Players may have a tryout or not (Covid19 concerns)--this will depend upon post season team managers.  

Post season team managers select players to their various teams based on league age, ability, eligibility and player availability to commit to dates of tournament play including possible state tournament.

Our plan is to have 13 players on each post season team.  WE will send at least ONE team to each tournament and may send two teams to one or both of the Tournament of Champion tournaments depending on number of players eligible and available.

League age:
Post season tournaments are based on league age of player not on division played. However, players must have played in a kid pitch division.  Players league age 8 to 14 are eligible for post season tournaments.


All Star team managers are looking to fill their teams with the best players available at various positions-they will be looking for players who can pitch or catch AND play other positions as well as hit.  They will be looking for best players in each age group who meet the eligibility and availability requirements of the All Star team they are managing.

Players selected to District teams must live within our league boundaries or attend school in our boundaries.  They must have played in 8 games in Majors or Minors or 6 games in JR division. 

The same rules apply for Tournament of Champions (TOC) teams except players who live outside our boundaries but played on approved waivers can be selected to a TOC team. 

Players selected to any of the post season teams are obligated to attend the tournament team practices and games. 

Players selected to District teams should have
availability for the state tournament dates as well.   

There is a $40 fee per player to cover cost of hat, jersey and belt. Scholarships are available if needed.

2021 District Tournament Dates:
Every tournament is double elimination (team must lose twice). 

Majors – starts June 26 at Elma.  Coached by Kenn Clark, Andy Kirner and Jimmy Goebel.  District team played 4 games and lost to Chehalis who ultimately won the District Title to advance to state.
The District Champion will advance to State which will start July 17 in Bellevue area.
Major players league age 10-12 can play in this tournament.
The teams entered in our district tournament are Aberdeen, Capitol, Chehalis, Elma, Larch Mountain, Montesano and Willapa Harbor.  

Juniors – starts June 30 at Elma.  Coached by Doug Thomas, Todd Venable and Chris Chamberlain. Team lost in 2 games to Elma.  Elma won the State Championship in JR Division.

The District Champion will advance to State will start July 17 
in Lynnwood area.
JR players league age 13 & 14 can play in this tournament.
Teams entered in District tournament  are Elma and Capitol.

Tournament of Champions 10-12
 starts play on July 5 at Montesano.
Capitol American Team was coached by Evan Hufana, Ryan Hottell and Jacob Cummings lost to Capitol National Team coached by Andy Kirner, Jay Piercy and Stephen Anson.  Capitol National finished second overall losing to South Beach in championship game.
Only players league age 10 to 12 can play in this tournament.
There is no state tournament. Teams entered are Capitol (2 teams), Centralia, Chehalis (2 teams), Chehalis Basin, Larch Mountain, Montesano and South Beach.

Tournament of Champions 8-10 starts play on July 5 at Willapa Harbor.
Capitol American was coached by Courtney Rothwell, Joseph Rothwell and Rhonda Rothwell lost the championship game to Capitol National coached by Tavis Stockdale, Steven Spoon and Nick Mondau which took the Championship.
Only players league age 8 to 10 can play in this tournament.
There is no state tournament.  Teams entered are Capitol (2 teas), Elma, Larch Mountain, South Beach and Willapa Harbor. 

District 8-10 starts play July 10 at Centralia. Coached by Mike Sharp, Josh Shipe and George Shutz lost first two games.  Larch Mt was the eventual District Champion.
The District champion will advance to the State Tournament will begin play July 24 at Centralia as well. 
Only players league age 8 to 10 can play in this tournament.
Teams entered are Capitol, Centralia, Chehalis, Larch Mountain, Montesano and Willapa Harbor.

District 9-11
starts play July 12 at ChehalisCoached by Kyle Camus, Brian Duerr and Matt Love lost first two games.  Chehalis was the eventual District Champion.
The District Champion will advance to the State Tournament will begin play July 24 in North Seattle
Only players league age 9 to 11 can play in this tournament.
Teams entered are Capitol, Chehalis, Elma and Montesano.




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