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Mar, 2020

Team Manager Mobile App

Team Manager Mobile App

I believe most if not all of roster moves have been finalized so IF you haven’t already done so, Managers and parents can activate/load the Team Manager App for this Spring Season.

Some folks have found their Team Manager App from last year activated when we posted rosters to the website.

This year’s team name should look like this “coach name-CLL Division team name” -for example "Callahan-CLL Minors Cubs".  So IF you don’t see the name in that format you aren’t looking at correct team.  

Those new to the mobile app will need to load the app and then find the team/s (if you have several players on several teams).  

Use the plus function on the app to add team/s.

Coaches and parents may find this web page helpful. It has a help video and a contact information for the support group at

I have absolutely NO control over the mobile app roster once its loaded--you will need to reach out to Game Changer staff at the support links on their website. 

Coaches/Team Managers--Once the mobile app is downloaded any player roster changes will require a reload from the game changer support staff at coach request.  Coaches can add additional parents or others to the mobile app by using the plus function.  I found last year I sometimes had to add the new person to my personal contacts in my phone to complete that function—make sure you have the phone and email of the person you are adding.

ook in the Google Play store or Apple store for the TM logo.  

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