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May, 2020

Capitol Little League Baseball 2020 Season

Today May 6, 2020 the Board of Capitol Little League voted to hold a 2020 baseball season-not Spring not Fall—just baseball!

The time frames for the season will be:

Practices starting June 22 at our fields and possibly school fields (we should have information soon on the ones available).

Games starting July 13 or 14we are planning on ending season on August 30. 

We are looking at possible games in Minors, Majors and JR divisions with other leagues and baseball organizations in our immediate area (Thurston, Lewis, Mason, Grays Harbor and Pacific counties as well as possibly DuPont).

Our T-ball and AA teams will play Chehalis Basin (Oakville) teams (one each in T-Ball and AA).

Our goal is to have 12 games minimum for JR, Majors  & Minors and 10 games minimum for T-ball and AA-weather permitting.  This will be about 3 weeks of practice pre-season and playing season will be 7 weeks.  We will be trying to get one practice a week in during the playing season for all teams as well.

Challenger team will be consulted separately on their season time lines.

We will provide a full uniform for this season—hat, jersey, pants, belts (Minors, Majors & JR) or sox (T-ball, AA).  New Challenger player’s receive a hat, jersey, belt and sox (parent buy pants due to difficulty in sizing properly).  Replacement uniform pieces will be supplied for Challengers are needed.

Refunds for those NOT able to play this time frame:

Some folks have already withdrawn and refunds requested by April 24 were processed today.

The folks who requested refunds April 27 and after will have those requests processed in the next week or so.

Those who have been hanging on waiting for final timeline BUT can’t play after all, we totally get it IF you can’t play OR you need a refund for another reason--will need to make a Refund Request. 

To request a refund, log into our website with your member id and go to the Refund Request tab—the registration is on the tab. 

This registration will be open until May 25.   We will process refunds periodically.

New registration dates:

June 1, we will be reopening registration for “Spring” baseball (I hope to be able to change name to 2020 baseball) to allow folks who are new to area, players from other organizations or nearby leagues to sign up for our league for 2020. 

We may need a few new team managers or volunteers or we may have to consolidate teams—we won’t really know until a bit later what our needs will be. 

We will make every effort to keep existing teams intact.

IF you don't apply for a refund, you will remain registered for 2020 baseball.

Folks intending to stay and play in 2020 baseball season will NOT need to register June 1.

You will stay on current team unless manager has withdrawn--we will then find new manager OR combine teams.

ONLY folks who missed out on registration, coming from other leagues or organizations or new area arrivals will need to register.

New rules for 2020 only:

Little League is opening up rules for 2020

  • NO minimum/maximum team size
  • NO requirement for balanced roster size across divisions
  • League age 15 can play JR division (15 as of August 31, 2020)
  • NO waiver needed to play for 2020 ONLY
  • NO player evaluations needed
  • MAX Game length -- 1 hour and 45 minutes –T-ball (75 minutes) and AA (90 minutes)
  • Allow more time between games to clear dugouts, fans, teams and clean between games.

Safety measures:

The state, county health department and Little League will be sending guidance on safety measures to put in place for this season. 

Some things the board is anticipating MAY be required are:

  • Players will not share equipment—bats, helmets and catchers gear—IF player does not own these items--the league will have a loaner for them rather than using shared team equipment.
  • Players, coaches, umpires, parents may be required to wear masks.
  • Dugouts will be sanitized between games and practices.
  • There may be limits on use of grandstands or no use of them for games/practices.

We thank ALL of you for your patience and understanding during this very difficult season.  We sincerely wish the best for all you whether you can join us this year or need to wait until 2021. 

Until we see you on the fields,

Stay Safe at Home



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