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Jun, 2020

Phase 3 Not yet--Practices up to Managers/Parents this weekend

Earlier today I sent each team an email providing information about team assignments and some other basic information. 

As stated in the email the Mobile App Team Manager is not accurate since so many teams have changed.
I am working with their support to get the whole league reloaded so the mobile app will work for everyone.

YOU  can use the website Team Directory (from TEAM CENTRAL) to send emails to your team members and coaches.  You need to log into your member account, go to the home page and then TEAM CENTRAL --find your team--all the teams are listed by team name and division.  Once you find  your team, click on team home.  On team home--you have an email option--you can select who you want to send the email to from the check list or send to all.

The practice schedule is NOT posted on the team calendar but can be found on the HOME page under Practice Schedule June 18.  Note at bottom the page are noted practices which are scheduled for Olympia and possibly Lacey area school fields--we should have final word on those fields by Monday.  

Sadly, WE have not received notification that Thurston County has been approved for Phase 3 despite applying on WED June 17.    

I am leaving it to managers/parents as to whether they want to practice in small groups or not over this weekend.  Managers should email their teams via the website on status of weekend practices. 

Since absent that approval we need to abide by the Phase 2 requirements--which is small groups of 5.  However, there can be several small groups on a field IF they are socially distanced.  The real issue is having more than 25 people on a field (parents plus players). 

Here is the text of the Guidance from the Governors office on Youth Sports:

Outdoor Youth Team Sports and Outdoor Adult Recreational Team Sports, Excluding School-Connected or Administered Team Sports and Junior Hockey

• In Phase 2, team practice can resume if a) players are limited to groups of five in separate parts of the field, separated by a buffer zone and b) practice can follow social distancing of a minimum of five feet between players with no contact. Each league, organization, or club must publish and follow a “return to play” safety plan. Parents and household members must not congregate on the sidelines during practice.

• In Phase 3, teams can resume playing games. Total gathering at any one game cannot exceed 50 individuals. For sporting complexes with multiple fields or other playing surfaces, the 50-individual limit is counted on a per-field, not a per-complex basis.

• Nothing in these requirements should be read to obligate a facility owner to reopen a facility.   

CoVid supplies for dugouts and loaner gear
We are prepared with CoVid supplies for dugouts and I will be at fields tomorrow by 9 AM to get gear for those needing to borrow gear for the 2020 season/  I will also have Covid supplies for coaches who decide to practice. 

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