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May, 2023

Saturday May 13 will be HOT, HOT, HOT & umpires

Please hydrate before, during and after games!

We are short Umpires for a few games today--we are working on the issue but coach or parent may have to help  us out.

At our fields ALL umpires are volunteers many also work for paid umpire associations-high school and others. 

When our games are off site--LBA or elsewhere we do hire umpires from local umpire associations. 

High school playoffs are going on and some of our volunteers are working those games. 

Many others have the choice to work for free here or tournament games on weekends for pay. 

This weekend is one where there are more games in our area than can be covered by the umpires available from ANY source. 

Please be patient with whoever is umpiring your players game today!  Thank you!

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