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seeded majors season ending tournament 202120210603_22161005.pdf

seeded minors season ending tournament 202120210601_22051187.pdf

You can click on the link to the brackets to down load them.  

The schedule is listed under Team Central Team Directory Spring 2021  Minors or Major Season Ending Tournament

NOTE--some game times moved around from the initial schedule to accommodate coaches work or second team schedules.

Majors Seeding

1. Goebel Pirates
2. Stockdale Rainiers
3. Kirner Angels
4. Gies Brewers
5. Clark LA Dodgers
6. Brannin Royals
7. Camus Brooklyn Dodgers
8. Love Athletics
9. Hufana Mariners

Minors Seeding
1. Rothwell Bulldogs
2. Lindros Brooklyn Dodgers
3. Pulley Mariners
4. Sharp Braves
5. Holmkvist Red Sox
6. Sund Cubs
7. Collett Pirates
8. Sandy Aquasox
9. Miller Padres
10. Spray Rainiers

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