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May, 2021

Continuing Issues with Covid

There is growing concern in our baseball community for possible closure of city parks and other ballfields due to parents, spectators, players and coaches not adhering to mask and social distancing guidelines.

Covid19 is being brought into our programs from players contracting it at school or non-baseball activities OR from parents contracting Covid19 at work and bringing to our fields. This makes adhering to face covering protocol even more important.

Our Covid19 policy is posted on our website.  Signage has been in place on all entrances since we started back up in 2020.  We have additional signage--bright yellow--at all entrances about Masks Required on Premises and NO Dogs allowed on premises.  NOTE NO sunflower seeds, gum, etc.  

Simply put--EVERYONE on the premises MUST wear face coverings properly covering nose and mouth. EXCEPTION--players during games ONLY while playing in the field.  Players in the dugouts including the bleacher dugouts on our field must wear face covering. DURING PRACTICES EVERYONE SHOULD BE WEARING A FACE COVERING.

Our bleachers are player dugouts--they are NOT spectator seating. At this time there is no spectator seating provided.
Spectators must provide their own seating or remain in their vehicles to watch games from behind the outfield fences. 

IF you have friends or family members coming to watch games--please advise them of these requirements.  

For those who keep telling me that "Capitol Little League is the ONLY one enforcing this" please note below:

South Sound Baseball advised me that they have board members at ball games who have the authority to stop games and call a forfeit IF coaches and parents are not abiding by the sporting guidelines.  

Black Hills Baseball/Babe Ruth has similar requirements. 

I received this text message today from the Elma Little League--directed to ALL league presidents in our District:

Another COVID issue/reminder:
Can you please talk to your coaches to have them have a conversation to their parents about wearing masks when at the LL fields in Elma. Someone reported to DOH that youth sports was not following the COVID rules and the mayor called and said if he gets another call then he will shut the park down. I think it was more on the Fast Pitch side but the mayor lumped us into the conversation also.
I know the coaches can't make them wear them. We will have board members walking around asking people to put them on regardless of vaccine or not. If they choose not to wear a mask, they are more than welcome to watch from the parking lot and if they are refusing to put one on they will be asked to leave. If they do not leave we will have to contact the PD to have them removed.

Other League Presidents in our District indicated they are having similar concerns and issues.

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