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May, 2022

Game Plan for SAT May 7

I looked at the fields Friday Afternoon.

Field 6 is unplayable SAT-there will be NO JR games on our fields.

Coaches for the JR team playing at DuPont and Intermediate team playing at Elma are connected to the home fields for notification on weather/field conditions in those locations.

The rain is supposed to stop about 5 AM.  There is little or no rain showing most of SAT so its a matter of getting the fields playable.

I believe we can get Fields  2, 4, 5 & 7 playable by 9 AM.  I think we can get Fields 1 & 3 up for 10:30 and after.

So here is the schedule for 9 AM games:

T-Ball Winner vs Cosley on Field 1 is cancelled (weather and lack of enough players) it will be rescheduled.

AA Huffman vs Deck on Field 2 will play

Majors are switching opponents and game times--
Love will play Masiello at 9 AM on Field 4
Kirner will play Brannin/Drury at 5 PM on Field 5

Minor Clark vs Smith will play at 9 AM on Field 5

T-Ball Bogart vs White will play at 9 AM on Field 7.

Rest of the games tomorrow from 10:30 AM on we will plan to play as scheduled.

IF we can't get fields up and playable, I will be posting on Facebook and Website News as soon as we make the determination.

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