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Dec, 2022

Online Spring 2023 Sign Up is OPEN now!

DEC 1, 2023 9:20 AM--We had a bit of an issue late last night--I had to rebuild part of the sign up program but we are  up and running now for Baseball and Challenger.   

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

This is a long email--but we are trying to address the basic information you will need to sign up for Spring baseball.

Spring 2023 Baseball is just around the corner--we are in the process of updating the website with the spring information.  More information will be added as well get closer to the Spring events. 

Online registration opens DEC 1, 2022 and will close JAN 31, 2023 

Players in ALL divisions must live or attend school within our Capitol Little League boundaries (basically within the Olympia, Tumwater, North Thurston or Griffin school district boundaries).  Private schools within those boundaries are also eligible. The system will tell  you that your address or school is NOT in our boundaries but won't stop your application.

IF you don't live or attend school within our boundaries you MUST either: 

1. Have a Little League Charter Committee waiver from a previous year on file with our league (we keep a notebook)


2. Apply for a waiver for 2023--this requires a bit of paperwork and time, so start NOW with an email to [email protected].
NOTE: I will be out of state DEC 2 to 10--I will respond to ALL emails when I return. 

Completing online sign-ups--forms and other required information.
The registration form will not finish processing unless you accept/acknowledge the waivers for LL Privacy (top),  and at bottom for Covid19, Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Check these waivers have been accepted--often that stops the processing of the application.

Under the "Residency/School" portion of the form, there is a drop down for the school your player attends which you can select if possible--it helps with placement of players with others from their school even if you are not using school enrollment form for proof of residency.

In coach and team mate request-please list names. 

In special requests and practice day requirements keep comment brief if possible as these fields are downloaded to reports for ease of analyzing information for player placement.

Forms upload--
IF your player will be in a kid pitch division 
this year and has NOT played on a post season tournament team, you should upload at least one proof of residency (dated BETWEEN FEB 1, 2022 AND FEB 1, 2023) see list of required residency proof. 

OR upload a Little League school enrollment form signed by the principal or assistant principal of your player's school (not another staff person). The Little League School Enrollment form is the ONLY proof of residency you will need for your players entire Little League career unless you move or change schools.

IF your player has been on a post season tournament team for Capitol Little League or has a waiver on file, you can skip the upload of files.

T-ball and AA Machine Pitch players who live and/or attend school in our boundaries can skip the upload of residency/school enrollment--the system should let you do so.  

Player divisions and fees for 2023

The Board decided to keep the 2022 fees for 2023 Spring.

T-ball (U6) and AA Machine Pitch (U8) are $140 per player

Kid Pitch Divisions are $220 per player. 

Kid Pitch Divisions are--Minor (U10); Major (U12); Intermediate 50/70 (U13); JR (U14) and SR (U16).

Players in Major Division and above may Double Roster to ONE other division based on their league age.  There is a discount coupon for Double Roster which reduces the fee for the second division to $60 which covers the uniform fee. Coupon Code for the second division is 85132--apply on check out. 

Age restrictions imposed by Little League 
League age is the player's age as of August 31, 2023. 

No player UNDER league age 4 may play Little League.

Players league age 7 or 8 can request player evaluation for placement in Minors.

Players league age 9 can request player evaluation for placement in Majors.

No player league age 13 can play in Minor or Major division.   

Players league age 11 or 12 can play in Intermediate 50/70.
Players league age 12 or 13 may play in JR division.    
Players league age 13 or 14 may play in SR division. 

Challenger Division is a separate program for our differently abled players as their season differs from the Spring/Fall seasons for coed baseball.  Challenger Season will be April 30 to  September 18.  Challengers currently play on Sunday evenings unless we schedule special events. There is no fee for Challengers. Players league age 5 and above may play in Challenger division--there is no upper age limit. 

Player Evaluations and Uniform Fittings FEB 11 & FEB 25 Peter G Schmidt Elementary Commons and Gym
Players wanting to play in kid pitch divisions are required to have a player evaluation. WE will issue a schedule for player evaluations AFTER signups close Jan 31.   Tentatively, FEB 11 will be SR, JR, Major.   FEB 25 will be Minors.

T-ball, AA and Challenger do no have player evaluations.

All players should participate in a uniform fitting--these will be  held on same days as player evaluations.

Player Equipment Bank 
The player equipment bank for gloves and shoes and batting gloves will be open during the player evaluations and uniform fitting.  You can pick up or donate gently used equipment for others to use. 
Again that is FEB 11 & FEB 25 at Peter G. Schmidt Elementary

Team Managers, Coaches and Volunteers
Per Little League rules, your "contract" with the league expires at the end of Fall Ball 2022.
You will need to reapply for 2023.  The Team Staff application is on the same page as the Player Registration. 

You will need a background check for 2023--we will send link's to JDP (Little League's contracted background provider) right after Jan 1, 2023 as that is when the process resets.   Background checks are free to all volunteers and are required for anyone working directly with players. 

Those who want to be team managers or assistant coaches--this is a good time to refresh your required concussion and sudden cardiac arrest certificates at These courses are free.  There are several other free courses which are NOT required but may be useful.  

Umpires and Umpire Training
District 3 is hosting an umpire mechanics training weekend-FEB 18 to 19 at Northwest Christian HS. Please save the date if you are interested in learning more about umpiring.

We will  have more information about the clinic soon.  This event will be lost/no cost to Capitol Little League umpires since we are hosting the event. It is not a rules clinic--rather emphasis is on mechanics for plate and field umpires.  

WE always need more volunteer umpires to help with the kid pitch games--we have over 200 games on our fields in Spring and its a huge load our "regular crew".  IF you can help for even 2 or 3 games, it is much appreciated.  Eddie Angel is our League Umpire in chief and he would be deleted to hear from you--his email is [email protected] 

Click on the links for T-Mobile Call Up grants and Dick's Sporting Goods player grants information. 
Both programs should be opening about December 1, 2022. 

Both programs require parents to be on either WIC, Medicaid or SNAP.  Dick's also includes Foster Parents in eligibility.   

Please apply for a grant ASAP IF you think you will qualify. 
T-Mobile grants are a max of $150 per player.  This will cover the T-Ball or AA fee. 
IF your player is signing up for a kid pitch division (Minor, Major, Intermediate 50/70, JR or SR) you will need to request a coupon code for the balance of the fees BEFORE you process the T-Mobile "chek" card to make payment in the system.  

IF you don't qualify for a grant from either T-Mobile or Dick's but need financial help, you can send an email to [email protected]  Please indicate whether  you can cover the uniform fee of $50 for your player in the email. 

NOTE: I will be out of state DEC 2 to 10--I will respond to ALL emails when I return. 

Key Dates for 2023 seasons
December 1 online registration opens
December 11, Board meeting 3 PM Tumwater Valley Athletic Club
January 8, Board Meeting 3 PM Tumwater Valley Athletic Club
January 31 registration closes
February 5 Board Meeting 3 PM Tumwater Valley Athletic Club
February 11 & 25 Player evaluations and uniform fitting
February 18 & 19 Umpire Mechanics Clinic
March 4 Player Draft Kid Pitch Divisions; Placement T-ball and AA Machine Pitch--TEAM MANAGERS AND BOARD STAFF ONLY.
March 5 Spring Work Party at Capitol LL Fields
March 5 Board Meeting 3 PM Tumwater Valley Athletic Club 
March 11 Practices start
March 25 Jamboree at Capitol LL fields
April 10 first games Spring ball
April 16 Seattle Mariner Little League Day (alternate)
April 23 Seattle Mariner Little League Day (alternate)
May 1 Allstar nominations due
May 1 Fall Ball online sign ups open. 
May 7  Capitol LL day at Seattle Mariners Little League Day
May 21 Allstar tryouts
May 26 to 29 Memorial Day Weekend Break
May 28 Seattle Mariner Little League Day (alternate)
June 10 Last games Spring Ball
June 17 District & Tournament of Champions games start
July 10 District Majors Tournament ends.
July 25 Fall Ball online signups close
August 1 Fall Ball Practices start
August 15 Fall games start
September 1 to 8 Labor Day/Back to school Break
October 1 last day of Fall Ball.
October 2  Fall work party

Have a great holiday season and we will be seeing you all soon.

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